what is going on?


i am

human. i need no introduction.

But here you have one anyway:

In the far north, decades ago, during a beautiful summer morning something amazing happened. A small, loud, screaming human emerged from the womb of my mother.

That screaming human was me.

I’ve been screaming ever since.

I’m a 23 year old guy. I like talking & thinking.

This website is a window into my unprocessed thoughts.

I’m currently studying political science, and writing my bachelors degree at NTNU.

I also do stand up comedy to annoy everyone further.



is a blog. I made this website with some (a huge amount of) help from my roommate Isak.

If the website is poorly made, it is simply because i do not know how to program a website at all. Consider this a practical example of a monkey on a typewriter

The words written here, hatch from my under-developed frontal lobe.




on this website, is made to speak to the primitive parts of our human consciousness. It challenges the status quo of sleek modernity in web design. With soft, cloud like patterns, this blog is designed with a “keep your head in the sky” mentality.

The design speaks to the authors clouded mind,
troubled with thoughts that fall down to earth like rain.