A really funny predicament for real

Today i tried to get out of bed for 2 hours.

After all, i study political science, so it’s not like i actually have to do anything.

No reason to get out of bed. LOL!!

I have lost all discipline i once had. LOL im such a lazy slob now! LOOOLLL

I go to my kitchen, and realise i’m out of coffee filters. Since i am a man of solutions, i make a coffee with toilet paper as a filter.

Brown liquid sifting through wet toilet paper, in order to be consumed by me.

According to my brain, this toilet paper coffee thing is funny.

As i eat my breakfast at 12:56, my roommates, peers and most of society have started their day. The view is beautiful, but i dont care.

I put on my headphones, some music will make me feel better.

as i turn on my headphones, i hear the familiar and pleasant voice of a woman

“power on, headphones connected”

As the sexy feminine voice talks into my ears, i finally feel something!


According to my brain this is really funny.

After breakfast, i go for a shower. I’m naked in the cold bathroom, that i ideologically refuse to heat. My brain tells me this is funny.

I see myself naked in the mirror.

My cock is grasping onto my torso, dangling like a god damn christmas ornament.

My cock recieves attention less frequently than an actual christmas ornament.

My brain says this is fucking hilarious.

I then go to school, and do nothing for 4 hours.

Lets call this a productive “planning” day.

My brain thinks this one is worth at least a small nasal exhale.

I go home, where my roommates insist i do something.

Time to physically hurl myself through space on a plank with wheels! HELL YEAH

I speed around the skatepark, that might just as well be a wet toilet paper coffee filter.

Now my brain is angry. Why am i incapable of enjoying anything?

Oh well.

At least my brain acknowledges this as a funny predicament.


Is anyone laughing?