basement shit.

I go to the toilet in the basement of my campus in order to take a shit in peace.

It’s what some would call

“intentional living”.

Taking choices in my everyday life that make my life feel like i have control of it.

Some order in my chaotic everyday life.

There are many restrooms on campus, but i go out of my way to walk to the basement.

Sometimes this commute is a considerable detour from where i have class.

But i do it because i want to shit in silence.

I want to have a calming crap.

I take pride in a peaceful passage of poop.

I Sincererly want my Secrement to Slowly Slide out in a Satisfying Sense.

My Bowel movements Broaden my Basshole.


And this is why I am MIFFED TO DISCOVER that,

just as i sat down to release my load i can hear two guys LAUGHING and HOLLERING outside the stall.


Let me have my basement shit in peace.