A hard conversation with a toothbrush


Maybe you’re just a toothbrush, and maybe I’m just overthinking. But i’ve been meaning to tell you… I’m breaking up with you


Its not you. Its me.


Well, actually -

It’s a 100% you. You’re… Old… And frankly i don’t know what i ever saw in you.

I’ve found NEW a brush with bristles that look shiny, and straight.

Your bristles are all fucked up and fuzzy. You’re not the brush i once picked at the store.

Honestly, I’ve never been able to look at you the same, ever since i caught you brushing my roommate.

This new brush comes in an eco friendly packaging. No plastic.

This brush is the brush of my dreams.

It has the perfect curves, its neither too slim or thick.

And i love touching the soft silicone.

Honestly: it looks and feels better than you.

My new brush reaches places you’ve never reached.

There have been many brushes before, but this one is different, i know it.

This brush is special. Its not a cheap brush that somebody would buy while traveling.

This is a premium brush that is able to switch heads when the time is right.

You were always stuck in your ways. You never wanted to change, even though i wanted us to change together. You’re not produced with an interchangable head.

And that is why you’re just not a very good toothbrush anymore. We tried different pastes, and i even tried flossing. Regardless, I’m sorry i said you look fucked up and fuzzy. I suppose I’m not as mature as i thought.

You’re just not a brush that is meant for long term brushing.

You gave me cavities.

I tried to forgive, and even fix your bristles, but you are not made to be fixed.

That’s why im throwing you in the trash.

I deserve better.


Goodbye toothbrush.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️