laptop legion.

As often is the case, i am yet again a part of a problem only i seem to care about.

I rarely feel the itch to write a blogpost about something, but today was an exception.

My favourite coffeeshop has too many laptops! They are ugly fugly and poop.

I don’t want to walk into a coffeeshop only to see a god damn roman tortoise shield formation of laptops facing me!! It’s not a welcoming vibe, to feel as if a military legion is defending themselves from a array of arrows.

Bonus cringepoints if these laptops are Macs or some epic 733T GAMING EPIC ASUS laptop.

I feel the irony as i sit at my regular cafe, for the first time on my laptop, writing about how laptops are ruining this place…

My excuse is that i am homeless, and have been yearning for a place to write my blog. I could be at a library now, that is true. But i enjoy sitting at a cafe. Usually i will read the newspapers, or stare into the air as if i were some deep stoic thinker. The truth being, i am a dumb homeless 23year old idiot. Perhaps i am fooling myself into thinking that my thoughts are in any way worth thinking, simply because i am thinking them.

As i have become homeless, i find myself thinking quite a lot, and spending most of my time alone. In Trondheim, i could spend this time writing on this blog for example, or my many standup sets that often take hours to craft, as i find myself distracted in the different paths at the forest of ideas.

All this, is to justify my use of this laptop in this cafe. I’m trying to actually compile my ideas on this subject, and construct an argument against it.

I guess i could forgive someone using a laptop at a cafe, if they are writing a blog, or editing photos. You know, something fun.

I see some of these laptop madlads doing excel spreadsheets -> what the fuck. Go to your office?

I’ve also seen people programming at bars and cafes. I don’t consider this as bad as other things, but i don’t think the coffee shop should be a place of work, or productivity. It shouldn’t be an office, and if you make it into your office, you are bringing the work vibe with you.

Normal people with actual real jobs (not laptop remote work spreadsheet nerds) deserve a place that’s away from work, that does not involve alcohol.

Now, i am going back to enjoying my real life at this coffee shop. The barista just put on some radiohead on their vinylplayer.

-stay analogue.