commitment issues.


Commitment means saying yes for a future version of yourself.

And I am not that man!

For if i were, that would mean that the current version of myself is responsible for him.

That in turn, would require me to completely change how i view myself and the world.


Who am I to make decisions for a Nuutti who i do not know yet?! I do not know what he wants!

We call this phenomenon “commitment issues”.

This can happen with relationships, events, or even when deciding what to wear.

When other people, such as my roommates struggle with this, i fucking hate it.

I could invite them to a literal flying circus with Barack fucking Obama as a guest appearance and they would still be afraid of making a decision for their future self.

“that sounds really fun, actually it sounds like the time of our life.

Let me think about it”

But who am I to complain. There’s a myriad of things i am scared of committing to.

Bikes. I rent citybikes. What if i bike somwhere, but don’t feel like biking back?

Pictures on the wall. Framed pictures require screws or nails. Nope! Thats too permanent. A POSTER with some mounting putty though, OH YEAH.


The point here being: committing to something is scary, but more often than not it seems to work out.

Life is as predictable as you make it.