emotion theatre.


This is so freaking silly my dudes

What the hell are we doing

Why cant i just fucking fart in the frozen pizza aisle??!? Out of all the aisles, that should definitely be the farting safe haven, right?

Why do we pretend that we dont fart?


Thats emotion, and flatulence theatre.


Why do we pretend that homeless people dont exist when we walk past them? What is the feeling we feel when we walk past someone like that? Anger? - Do you think they are lazy? Are we angry because they remind us of inequality in the world?

  How about the organizations that ask for donations?

I personally despise ads asking for money to poor countries.

Accompanied by a picture of a malnourished child.

It’s fucked up.

i don’t want to think about it.

So i direct my anger at the advertisement itself, since i cant be angry at starving children.

I think to myself,

  What the fuck? why are they spending money on advertising, when they should put all their money in helping the god damn starving kids?!?!?

And by then, 5 seconds have passed, and i can skip the ad. Ah, back to this video about videogames. No more starvation and malnourishment in my brain. mmm feels good to not think. Yes. Constantly fill my brain with nice good things, oh yeah. It’s like stuffing a turkey. The Turkey alone is a bland, boring meat. But IF WE STUFF IT WITH ENOUGH NICE THINGS IT WILL BE GOOD!!! YES!!! ALL SMILES HERE!!! :)))))) I AM SMILING SO HARD MY CHEEKS HURT :))))))


So then, do i feel sadness when i see a homeless human?



For me, sadness means that i should do something about it. For me, i cannot feel anything. I must be fine with inequality, because otherwise, i need to be doing something to help them. So. Even if it feels bad, i must say, I’ve accepted inequality..?

-as long as it doesn’t strike me! * snaps fingers into fingerguns *


That's emotion theatre.


Why do we silently judge someone when they behave weirdly? Cant i just tell him: “hey, it’s kind of weird that you’re drinking pure fucking vodka, in the middle of the day, are you okay?”


That's emotion theatre.


Why is the only appropriate response to “how are you”, something positive? Or sarcastically scoffing “well, life moves forwards i guess ha ha ha”.


Thats emotion theatre.


Fuck that. I’m going to fart in the pizza aisle, im going to give all my money to homeless people, im going to tell people to get fucked when they talk to me.

But we all know that’s not true. I’m not going to change jack shit.

I am pissed! - and moving forward, i am probably going to keep pretending that i am not.


And that ladies and gentlemen,

that’s what we call emotion theatre babyyyyy.