RE: Superficial style of writing in emails.

CC: your mom


I have this certain superficial long winded style of writing emails.

For some reason, i become suddenly more articulate, as i try to feign a sense of eloquence in my sentences. Even though i could have used fewer words, and you got all the necessary info you needed in one sentence, i will further elaborate on the one sentence, so that this email will fill some sort of arbitrary undefined length criteria that i have set for myself. I mean sometimes these sentences will just drag on for ages, with no end or substance in sight.

I convey my message through a torturous, hellish, landscape of overly wordy sentences that dont have a clear endpoint to them.
I mean the very fact that this blogpost is still somehow producing an everlasting stream of jumble without saying ANYTHING new is astounding.


I even skipped some lines to shake you off. I cannot overstate how much these words just regurgitate the very same sentence over and over.

Well. Here you are. At the end of the email. Congratulations. As if to send you off with a penultimate "fuck you", i will finish this long winded marathon sentence with absolutely not a single nugget of usefulness.