I biked through completely new landscapes. Never knowing what comes behind the next turn.

I’ve never been on these outskirts of Copenhagen before.

For once, i was outside before everyone else.

I am underdressed.

When i left my home yesterday, i wasn’t expecting to sleep somewhere else.

The morning fog looks epic, but the moisture in the air makes for an annoying conductor of low temperatures.

Before i sat down, i tried to dry my bike seat, but since the bike leather is damaged, i basically sat on a wet sponge soaked in freezing water.

None of my clothes are windproof, and I have a long bikeride in front of me.

These new landscapes make me appreciate new things. Around every turn there is something I’ve never seen before. Buildings, people, graffitis, bike lanes, restaurants and advertisements.

At one point i even biked through a ZOO??!?

I don’t trust my eyes in the morning when they haven’t even opened properly.

Thats why it was hard to believe these orbs inside my skull when they saw something that resembles a maze.

I saw a labyrinth made out of bushes, with leaves coloured into a beautiful orange shade by autumn.

Equipped with a banana and a smoothie i entered the labyrinth.

At first glance, the bush-fence that makes up this labyrinth was waist high, but it became deeper and deeper, and all of a sudden i was surronded by 3meter tall bushes.

It was small, but i enjoyed it. I probably spent a good 15 minutes getting to the middle and back out.

Every turn in a maze is like gambling. Dead end, or further crossroads? Its truly a thrill.

The worst maze in the world is found in the stores called “Normal”.

First of all the walls arent high enough to make it exciting.

Second of all there is no dead ends, its just one long corridor with twists and turns that force you to look at every product and their cheap prices.

The true challenge of this labyrinth is not falling for the human urge to collect different objects for a good price.

It combines everything i hate about airport security lines and capitalism in one neat little neon coloured plastic vibe.

I think an approriate solution to this could be those vision blocking flaps that racing horses use.

Keep getting lost :3