muscle memory miscalibration.

I’ve made a grave error in my muscle memory calibration.

I’ve had the same password on my computer for years. Today we are not going to be discussing the safety ramifications of this, or if its a good idea to tell the internet about it.

I might have to change it either way after what i’ve just done.

My real problem has occurred during the last 9 days.

I’ve always been quick at writing my password, and it seems that i’ve finally reached the peak of just how quickly i can write it.

Everytime i try to write it even faster than last time. The goal is to write it so fast, that i can write the entire password with just two simultaneous SLAMS on the keyboard. Almost like the Tom & Jerry scene where Tom tries to kill Jerry with the piano.

The word peak insinuates a decline immedeatly after, and oh boy have i declined.

I’ve yet again found myself involuntarily taking a lesson in a familiar subject: “consequences of my own actions 101.”

I’ve somehow successfully trained my muscle memory into typing it wrong. I flew too close to the sun. It’s easy to admit in retrospect. I mean of course I was going to make things harder for myself in the long run…

I’ve peaked, and I’m slowly coming to terms with it. Now everytime i write my password the first time i write it fast, but wrong. So then i remember that I’ve miscalibrated my muscle memory, so i go back to write it a bit slower, but in reality I’m still going too fast, so i end up having to spell it out really slowly after three miserable attempts.

I feel like a senior citizen. I’m mouthing every single letter of the password, slowly typing it in, while reminiscing of the days where i used to speed through this process in a single second. As i slowly type in my password i look around myself and make sure to announce to my audience: I USED TO BE ONE OF THE QUICKEST.

I could be the guy going from school to school and holding talks, warning the youth about the dangers of chasing keyboard dexterity without the proper 10finger touchtyping technique.

But I’m not. Instead I’m slowly losing my sanity alone, in my own brain, with the only outlet being this blog.

Is anyone there?

Is anyone reading?

Please don’t steal my passwords.