public toilet piss puddles.


A short tale about the creation of public toilet piss puddles.


It may begin as a small innocent dribble in front of the toilet bowl, but it will inevitably grow into a bigger body of piss.

You may enter the booth, not intending to make the problem any worse, but at a certain point you may have your hand forced.

Unless you intend to sacrifice your shoes to the cocktail of piss spilled all over the floor.

I do not wish to step in this rogue urine.

The only rational thing becomes to stand even further away from the toilet. Now you have to calculate the trajectory and arc of your own piss in order to hit the toilet.

The bigger the distance, the bigger the chances of missing becomes, thus worsening the problem at hand.

It’s a horrible, crude and even revolting example of the snowball effect.

A sort of pisspuddle effect.

It starts with a small mistake, but ends in a long stream of piss flying over a lake of misplaced piss.

It just really goes to show how small droplets can create an entire river.

Imagine how small actions could impact the world around you.