Todays blogpost is special, but only because it’s not special AT ALL. Todays topic is so impressively, and UTTERLY un-interesting.

It’s the first color of the rainbow, from the top down.

The colour of blood, hell, and pain.

But simultaniously also the colour of love.

Ah, the duality of red!

The colour of leftist politics in europe, but then across the pond red is associated with the republicans.

It’s ironic how communists and MAGA lunatics have this strong colour in common.

Also a big part of modern dating, discourse within dating, are red flags.

Red flags are small actions that says more about the person, than the action itself.

For example, for my friend Silje, a red flag in a person who “never / rarely washes their teeth”.

I own a red sweater. One day, whilst i was wearing it, i felt TOO red. Red is a bold colour. If i feel particularily insecure, i just cant wear it.

I’ve always liked red apples more than green. Green apples #suck! Strawberries are also red. Watermelon is red. Red things taste good.

This website is red.

Some people get red noses when drunk.

Red is often used to indicate that something is WRONG. Green is often RIGHT. Why.

Why is there so much to say about this colour?

Good bye.

Have a red day.