a simple search.

Every day we interact with digital software without considering how easily we can find things.

If you’ve ever used old technology, such as an old Nokia dumbphone, you’ve probably felt the pain of navigating paths and menus to find what you are looking for.

If you want to find something in a library you need to look at the category and alphabetical order of the authors name. Perhaps you need to navigate different floors and bookshelves.

You need several steps to find what you are looking for.

I remember early smartphones having this problem. My first smartphone didn’t have a search function within the settings. Finding the spesific setting for changing my keyboard language was awkward, and in many cases infuriating.

On older versions of Windows, the search function really didn’t work that well either. You had to navigate through “control panel” and different sub-sections to find whatever you wanted to change.

Now? I type in what i need, and i find it in two seconds: Information, settings, books, apps, big boobs?

There is NO PROCESS involved in acquiring ANYTHING ANYMORE?

I wonder if this does anything to our perception of finding answers and solutions.

Today we see many people who believe in simple solutions to complex problems.

They believe that answers are a simple search away.

They think that the solution to problems in our society, lies within some simple rational, scientific answer.

As if there is some magical keyword we can type and POOF our problems away!?

Climate change is a problem? - “CARBON TAX”

Male lonelyness? - “BLAME FEMINISM”

Increased inflation? - “LESS TAXES”


There is a certain elegance to these solutions, and thats exactly what makes them appealing. Unfortunately, they fucking suck most of the time.

More often than not, we need complex solutions to complex issues.

Science and rationality will not save us.

We need humans to be nice, and we need to go through difficult processes to find our solutions.

The solutions are not a simple buzzword away. We will most likely need to navigate some complicated path, that probably involves eating the rich if you ask me.

I’ve already picked my seasoning and it’s systematic change.