Snapchat usernames.

Snapchat is a litmus test social media

In Norway, when i meet people who don’t use it, they are either too old or too cool for me.

“I’d much rather just send a text or call you”

“You still use snapchat??”

In the rest of Europe, everyone just universally agrees on using whatsapp.

My own mother doesn’t pick up the phone unless i call her on Whatsapp.

A few weeks ago, she had her birthday, i called her 2 days late. She was still hung over.

back to the topic at hand

Snapchat usernames can tell a lot about a person.

Until very recently, there was no way of changing names on there. This lead to everyone being stuck with a username they made when they were 14.

People would add you with legendary names like




Nowadays people just have their normal names! shakes fist at the sky

I on the other hand, have never changed my name on snapchat

I joined snapchat november 15th, 2012.

People were concerned about the world ending.

My dumb ass was downloading fucking snapchat.

I vividly remember snapchat asking me what my name was, so i typed nuutti.

And just like that, I made the most legendary move, of getting the username nuutti on snapchat.

no numbers, no animals, no nonsense. Pure fucking slickness.

6 letters of straight finnish dominance.

So yeah, of course I am sad that usernames can be changed now.

Yesterday someone sent me a message on snapchat. A photographer. He wanted to buy my snapchat username.


I said

“get fucked”


This name. This power. It corrupts me.

And i will gladly inflate my snapchat username ego any chance i get.

But the times are changing.



So the next time you see me, ask me for my number ;)