on starving.

811 million people.

10% of everyone on this planet go hungry regularly.

Thats fucking nuts, man.

I usually end up starving because of my own stupidity.

I am my own worst enemy.

Sundays. Sundays are my “starving days”

Usually i wake up feeling as one should feel on a lovely sunday morning.

Super mega ultra hungover.

I’m not gonna lie. I should probably maybe drink less.

Sometimes when i wake up, i catch myself wondering: Am i ever going to feel hydrated again?

“what happened last night?” is a classic warning sign.

These sundays often leave me bed-ridden for at least a few hours. I lay there, in my own filth. Basking in the good ‘old “consequences of my actions”.

Until i suddenly jolt out of this self pity, and begin my rise back into the realm of the living.

The living room.

I make my way into the living room / kitchen.

I see my roommates, and i may say something like “good morning”

Isak and Amund may respond with something like “you stupid fucking bafoon, you almost burnt the entire house down last night”

I ignore them.

I open the fridge, only to find out that drunk nuutti ravaged and plundered everything…. Its all gone.

There is no food. And let me tell you this: laying in your bed hungover really works your appetite.

Also, Norway has this funny quirk where all the stores are closed on Sundays (THANKS A LOT JESUS). Some expesive small stores are open though.

This is where the two wolves inside me battle it out.

The absolute greedy goblin wolf, vs hungry hippo of starvation wolf.

An immmovable object vs unstoppable force.

Often this leads me into creating some sort of frankenstein meal.

Im talking taco wraps with pesto.

Im talking a slice of tomato topped with a slice of ham.

Im talking pickles straight out of the jar, with some tabasco.

Maybe i’ll cook a can of beans with some leftover carrot.

These types of meals will have their own blogpost someday.

My experience with hunger is rarely for a lack of money. I am grateful.