it boils down to morals


During my time in university I have learned so much.

I’ve learned how to run with a sickpack of beer without shaking the cans.

Stabilized beer running. ✔️

I’ve learned how to be the worst neighbour. The key is to NOT turn down the volume.

worst neighbour ever ✔️

I’ve learned how to burn spaghetti. The recipe is quite simple:

    An inadequate amount of water

    mixed with

    Extreme amounts of spaghetti

    combined with the aboslute highest heat setting

    Results guaranteed.

burning food efficiently ✔️


If you boil down a casserole filled with spaghetti, you will have burnt dinner and possibly a permanent burnstain on your kitchen appliance.


If you boil down political disagreement, you will have morals.


Now that i’ve finished my exam in political behaviour and communication, i thought i would share the most enlightening thing i’ve learned during this course. This really helped me understand how conservatives arrive at their truth.

This blogpost is based on a paper from a scholarly journal of social justice research. Here is the link to the full thing if you for some reason want to read the whole thing for some reason.

Now then, lets talk about what this paper has found to differentiate liberals form conservatives.

Since i am trying to explain this concept to the readers of my own blog, i will assume that everyone reading this is an idiot.

Being a liberal means you want personal freedom and equality of oppurtuinity and shit like that. This means for example right to have abortions, sex with any gender,, you know - letting people do whatever the fuck as long as they arent harming anyone else. Things like freedom of speech and civil rights, and accepting other opinions even if you disagree.

A conservative is that crazy christian racist, who thinks liberal media is making us all gay. No but really though, “conservative” is difficult to explain to idiots so this definition is probably the most accurate i will get through your thick skull.

Also, this blogpost is aimed at liberal people, who wish to understand them, so i assume thats what most people associate with conservative.

So, how does this paper go about explaining the moral differences between liberal and conservative? Well - to put it in very short terms, liberals have fewer morals.

You can think of morals as your rules for what is right and wrong.

The study shows how political liberals value two out of five morals the most. Conservatives value all five morals.

Boomski. Maybe your awareness has already been expanded?

Liberal values are in short about just preserving individual freedom. They are

1. Harm -> care

2. Fairness -> reciprocity (gjensidighet).

I hope you’re still following here. This might seem scary and confusing right now but i promise it will make sense. Hold on.

Conservatives value these two morals, but they also value 3 others. They are

3. ingroup -> loyalty

4. authority -> respect

5. purity -> sanctity (hellighet).

These three values are of equal importance to the conservative as the two previous ones. That means, for a conservative, it sometimes makes sense to limit the personal freedoms, in exchange for the “ethic of the community”.

I will now quickly explain each of these.

  1. Harm and care basically come from empathy. It’s a huge evolutionary advantage to be sensitive for others suffering.

  2. Fairness is about how humans evolved into doing cooperation and reciprocation. This leads to feelings such as gratitude, guilt, anger and so on! This moral correlates with feelings of justice and fairness. All cultures have developed this moral. However as the article points out,

“Most traditional cultures, however, do not have highly developed notions of individual rights, nor do most cultures appear to value or seek to create equality among all adult members, or even among all adult male members.”


So this leads us nicely into talking about the three “conservative” morals. The very things that we are here to understand! FINALLY.

These are the morals that conservatives value, that liberals do not. Once you understand why they value these, it will be much easier to understand and empathize with them. Understanding these, will also make it easier to discuss politics with them, since you will know what kinds of morals they operate on. It will lead to a healthier environment to discuss opinions and politics.

The very key to persuading someone, is to understand them.

So, lets look at the morals we need to understand.

  1. LOYALTY TO THE TRIBE has for a long time been vital for survival. We have evolved trust in

As for the points on loyalty to the ingroup and respect for authority

The final moral point basically boils down to conservatives seeing humans as a house for a god given soul. Your body is gods creation and whatnot. You are sort of a visitor in your body. Gods creation. And therefore you shouldnt attend gangbangs - have sex before marriage and whatnot. Since you’re just borrowing this physical body, you should follow gods terms. And for many religious people that means following bodily purity. Most religions have rules as to how to stay pure. Most commonly this means not having sex with the hot australian while on backpacking through asia. But dietary restrictions are also common.

Fooled you into learning something ✔️